** Homecoming Mum Shop opening in August 2024 **

The Homecoming Tradition

Since the 1970’s the Texas tradition of wearing Homecoming Mums has grown in popularity in mind-boggling proportions.  This tradition started out as giving a simple fresh white flower corsage with few steamers.  Today they are statements of individuality and considered by some a "rite of passage".  Homecoming Mums are most popular with high school students, but they are for EVERYONE! The annual Homecoming event is celebrated by teachers, coaches, administrative staff, parents, grandparents, siblings, best friends, alumni, ETC... Homecoming Mums and Garters represent much more than just school spirit, they are an expression of your individuality and are to be worn with glowing self-pride.

What a wonderful tradition to have!

A Note About Selecting a Designer

When selecting a designer to create your Homecoming Mum or Garter, you will want to review a designer's experience, craftsmanship, and professional design. Each designer has a unique style, kind of like a fingerprint. This unique style is reflected in each arrangement that the designer makes. Select a designer that creates arrangements that appeal to your individual style and taste.


Meet Twistin'Ribbon -Tesse Smitherman

Owner & Designer

Born and raised in Texas, I grew up with the uniquely wonderful Homecoming tradition!

At the early age I developed a passion for floral design.  In 2006 I started Smitherman Crafts, selling Homecoming Mums and Garters in and around Leander, Texas. In 2018 I launched this website with new the business branding of Twistin’Ribbon.

Thank you for visiting my site.