2021 Homecoming Mum

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Homecoming Mums come loaded with school color steamers, braids, trinkets, extra ribbon, metallic streamers, imprinted ribbon, bells, bows, garland, bling, custom lettering and a lot more!

Homecoming Mums are available in 6.5", 7.5", and 9.5" flower sizes; and in flower counts of single, double, triple, and quad.

Approximate Final Size
Single Mum



Length 42" 42" 34"
Width 12" 10" 9"

These larger flowers are a popular with high school students, and are typically worn around the neck with a satin ribbon, or pinned at the shoulder or hip.


  • Sliver or Gold and White option replaces school colors with white ribbon accented with silver and/or gold deep-tone and metallic ribbon. This option also includes specialty ribbon, imprinted ribbon, and junior or senior trinkets. These homecoming mums will standout in the crowd!
  • Additional braids are available if you wish to add a specific braid
Note: Arrangements pictured on this site include added options
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